Lovely Crochet Flowers Easy Tutorial

Lovely Crochet Flowers Easy Tutorial

Crochet flowers are the best decoration you can add to any crochet project. This crochet flowers are the cutest that I’ve seen in a while.

This crochet flower tutorial is a fast and easy one. Also, you can create your custom pattern that fits your crochet taste.

You can add this crochet flower to your crochet works, but I prefer using this type of flower as a decoration for my home.

Using this crochet technique with different yarns and colors, you can create different type of flower as roses or margaritas.

Through my university's student government, I was introduced to the Association of Big Ten Students (ABTS), a coalition of the 14 Big Ten Student Governments, which represents over 500,000 undergraduate students. Last year, we began the Vote B1G campaign, a voter registration competition between our schools to promote engaged citizenship. As part of this initiative, my peers and I have had the opportunity to work alongside nonprofit partners and community stakeholders to establish voter registration movements at universities across the country. We created a competition between the campuses in our athletic conference to create awareness about voting and add extra motivation for our fellow students to participate in the electoral process.

In 2016, the Vote B1G Challenge registered around 50,000 students across Big Ten campuses. In fact the program was so successful that our institutions’ administrations have decided to sponsor the program for future years, launching a university wide steered competition, coined as the Big Ten Voting Challenge. We couldn’t be happier, but we still have a long way to go to get all of our peers to participate.

From this coordinated effort, we’ll be able to share best practices for student voter engagement among student leaders, campus civic engagement centers and student affairs officials at campuses in other athletic conferences. We then plan to work with students from campuses in other conferences in hopes that they will follow suit and start movements to get more of their students registered to vote.

I believe that it’s urgent and necessary for colleges to make more of an effort to inform their students about voting and to help them engage in local, state and national politics. In the effort to make our nation’s democratic process stronger and more inclusive, and our nation’s young people are a good place to start.

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