Learn about 100 crochet symbols and stitches

Learn about 100 crochet symbols and stitches

We’ve put together, for you, this crochet guide where you can learn the symbol and crochet stitches of about 100 stitches, some basic, others more complicated.

It will be your best guide, if your hobby is crochet.

There are many crochet stitches, you have the opportunity to learn. Choose your favorite and start a wonderful croche project!

We live in the age of criticism. Every article I’ve recently read is judging the behaviors of others, rather than supporting their triumphs or accomplishments. To top it off, there are very few people, including those with college educations, who are willing to engage in informed conversations about the current state of our country and its affairs. It’s time that this changed.

As a senior year at Penn State University, I thought that I would one day attend medical school and become a pediatric oncologist. But, my studies and science classes were never my first priority. Instead, I hope to help more of my peers vote and engage in the democratic process.

One of the most commonly used phrases in the 2016 Presidential Election was, “I don’t like either candidate, so if I voted, it would be for the lesser of two evils.” According to fivethirtyeightthis year’s candidates in both parties, were the least liked in the history of U.S. presidential elections. In fact, just yesterday, I was speaking with one of my best friends as he complained about our federal government. I only asked him one question, “Did you vote in last year’s election?”, and when his answer was, “No...” I told him that I couldn’t stand to listen to him complain, especially when many of his friends participated in voter registration efforts on our campus.

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