Easy Booties Making with Two Skewers

Easy Booties Making with Two Skewers

Hello ladies, I will share with you the booties model made with two skewers today. It is a great model for those who love knitting with a needle.



For easy booties with two skewers, let’s first throw 58 loops on our bottle.Let’s continue as a row of reverse knitting.Let’s continue with reverse knitting in the other part, that is, let’s continue with front-back reverse knitting. Those who do not know the construction can look here.


Let’s switch to the other color. In the meantime, let’s knit 25 stitches as purl, let’s increase 1 stitch, let’s knit 2 flat knits, let’s increase 1 more, let’s knit 2 flat knits Let’s increase 1, Let’s continue the remaining loops as purl.

We will repeat the process in each order in the parts where our logic is the increase.Let’s repeat this process until we have 7 cream colors in total.

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